Guide to Picking Just The Right Bra!

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Women often get confused when it comes to choosing the right bra. What is the correct cup size or which bra style will best suit the body are some questions that crop in every woman’s mind in some point of time.

To get that perfect piece of bra that looks good inside out, breast shape plays an important role. Knowing your breast shape can be very helpful in buying well-suited bra that seamlessly moulds to your body. Whether exploring the option to buy bra online or planning to visit lingerie store make sure you don’t miss out on two vital factors – precise bust size and breast shape.

If still unsure how to go about it, then this blog will guide you through.

Use Right Technique to Measure Your Bust Size

  • Measure your band size by placing the tape exactly under the breasts. Make sure you wear a lightly lined (non-push-up) bra so that your breasts are close to being the natural.
  • Next, measure your bust. For this, place the tape at the fullest part of your bust ensuring it’s parallel to the band.
  • Now subtract the band size from your bust size to get the right cup size. Note that every inch equals to one cup size up and this varies from one brand to another.

Know your breast shape

Every woman has a unique breast shape, thanks to our genetic make-up. As our bodies grow and change over time, the breasts also undergo changes. Weight, physical activity, pregnancy, breastfeeding etc also contribute to alteration in the breast shape.

Understanding your type is critical to purchasing a well-fitted bra that can adorn your silhouette and give you the confidence. Even the top brands in India factor in breast shapes for designing bras that make woman feel good from within.

Tear drop shaped breasts are fuller at the bottom and slightly slender at the top. The best bra for this type of breast shape would be something that would provide extra lift. For instance, under wired bras with vertical seam or push up bras can enhance the overall look.

Round shaped breast refers to completely circular bust with volume evenly distributed from top to bottom. Ideally, this good shape is not much demanding. You can opt for a bra that provides coverage and lets your natural shape shine.

Conical breasts are most commonly found in women with smaller frames and breasts. They are narrow and less round. To get a fuller look, a padded cup bra is the best bet. You can even sport a bralette and flaunt your natural look.

East West breasts have nipples pointing outward and the breasts tend to be fuller at the bottom. A women’s T-shirt bra can enclose these bras in a more natural way. Offering a snug fit and lending desired shape, T-shirt bras can be your comfortable daily-wear.

Asymmetrical breast is the type where one breast appears to be smaller than the other. Depending on your cup size, you can take your pick. For instance, if you’ve smaller breasts, a bralette can provide structure and the needed lift without struggling to find two identical cups. For larger breasts, T-shirt bras or balconettes are the best options. They give a perfect shape, and you can even remove padding to smoothen out the size difference.

The world is full of unique ta-tas. Fortunately, there are brands like INGRID BRA that understand the needs of every woman and curate collection for all. Next time you plan to buy yourself a bra, do your breasts a favour. Know your breast shape and size and get the most out of your bra!

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