Bra Size Calculator

Bra Size Chart – Measure your Bra Size in 2 easy steps

How to check bra size ?

Step 1. Calculate Bra Size

Bra size: Lightly place the measuring tape around underbust as shown in the picture. Ensure the tape is at the same level on both front and back. Now look at the size reference chart underbust, this will determine your bra size.

Example 1: If underbust is 70 cm, it comes under the range of 68-72cm means that the bra size is 32.

Step2. Calculate Bust size/ Cup size

Cup size: Place the measuring tape across the fullest part of the bust. Again ensure the tape is at the same level and place edge to edge with no space in between. Look at the overbust section on the chart to determine your cup size

Example 1: If overbust is 87 cm, it will come under the range of 86-88cm which comes under C cup.

Step 3 : Combine your bra size and cup size to determine your total size. Here, the size is 32C.

Measurements in cm

Bra Size3234363840
OverbustCup B84-8689-9194-9699-101104-106
Cup C86-8891-9396-98101-103106-108
Cup D88-9093-9698-101103-106108-111



Measurements in inch

Bra Size3234363840
OverbustCup B33-3435-3637-3839-4041-42
Cup C34-3536-3738-3940-4142-43
Cup D35-3637-3839-4041-4243-44

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