We provide many different options in the areas of lingerie.

Our primary product is the bra, and there are different variations in the category, such as everyday bra, encircle bra and T-shirt bra. These options would help you in selecting the best possible option that you would think would be best for you. All the details about the materials and other aspects are defined and are mentioned in the respective product field. However, the availability would be shown only for the sizes that are available with us. If at all the size gets exhausted at the time of your order, then we would notify you the same before payment.

If, in any case, you need to change the address or Pincode or any other details, then you need to cancel your order. You can follow the following steps to cancel your order.

  • Open the website and login to your account. The order cannot be cancelled without an account. However, if you have ordered without an account then you need to contact us by mail or phone to cancel your order.

  • After logging in, you can go to ‘My orders’ and select the order that you want to cancel.

  • Before the order cancellation, the payment policy would be highlighted, and the cancellation charges would be disclosed.

  • Also, you would get a pop-up for a reason for cancellation, and you can give the cause which would help us in improving our product.

You can use the above procedure for the cancellation, and the process would be implemented accordingly. However, if you have any doubts at any point, then you can contact us either by email or the phone number. Our customers are important to us, and we would make sure that your problem has been solved successfully.