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Popular Questions

General Questions

How do I create an account?
You can either create an INGRID account by clicking on MY ACCOUNT option available on the website or while placing an order.
Is it mandatory to create Ingrid account to shop?
Yes, it is mandatory to create Ingrid account to shop.
What do I do if a product is not available in my size or preferred colour?
Do not order an incorrect size. If you do not find a preferred colour or size, either subscribe to know about its availability and we will connect to you as soon as the product is available or you can simply choose with the other designs and make your urgent needs, get some other product from our diverse collection.
How do I choose the correct size?
At INGRID, we assure our customers the convenience to choose the correct Bra size using the Bra Size chart for the Indian body types. We assure the chart prepared as per to suit up the right size. Click here for Bra Size Calculator

Return Questions

How do I know if the product I returned has reached your warehouse?
Our customers receive notifications through message as the product returned reaches the warehouse.
How much time does the return and refund process take?
It takes a minimum of 7 days to return and to process the refund for your product.
Is there any particular product which is non-returnable?
If any particular product is non-returnable, it will be mention in the product detail. Checkout to know more.

Payment Questions

Is it safe to shop online using my Debit card or Credit Card?
Yes, with INGRID, we guarantee the payment made by our customers is 100% secured.
What are the modes of payment available on the website?
COD & Online payment is the mode of payment available on the website as of now.

Shipping Questions

How do I check the status of my order?
We update our customers with every step. You will get the status update between the order placed and delivery, on every step.
How can I check if INGRID delivers to my PIN Code?
INGRID delivers to almost every city and state in India. If any PIN code does not fall within our delivery range, the same shall be denoted on the screen while you place your order.
If I buy multiple products in one order, will I receive all of them in a single package?
Yes, you will receive them in a single package. Although multiple packages can be requested by talking to our customer service.
Is there any shipping charge associated with the orders?
No shipping charges are associated with the orders.
When will I receive my order?
The delivery time is specified as per the order placed. Generally, the order gets delivered within a week.
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