Word of trust, it comes along with every purchase you make. Here at Ingridbra.in, we ensure our customer’s complete privacy. By submitting your personal information on the website, you consent for the same to be collected, stored and processed for the further purchases and our team here, ensures you the complete privacy over the same.

Online privacy and Security

No misuse of information and neither any leak of records, we assure our users the complete process to be safe and securitized for the protection of the confidentiality and the honesty towards the data stored in our concerned systems.

All the information provided by you at the time of registration is covered within our privacy terms and remain secured for identification for further use made by you.

We at Ingridbra.in ensure the personal information like contact number, e-mail id, credit/debit card details, etc, to be completely secure within our Online Privacy and Security policy.


Our customers get a regular update for the offers, shipping status, alerts and notifications for the order placed, transactions conducted, etc. Our team makes sure, all of it gets received to the registered number and e-mail id from time to time to provide as a part of notification from our end.

Information sharing

No information is disclosed to third parties by Ingridbra.in. Only information regarding delivery is provided for the smooth delivery of the order. Anything which helps improve the services and complete the transaction on time is the only information that is held by the concerned trusted third parties.

High encryption is assured with Ingridbra.in for every information that exists within your Ingrid account, which ensures your subscription for a newsletter or a purchase made receive the right safety measures concerned.

Policy change

Our customers must know that Ingridbra.in reserves all the associated rights to make changes in the terms of use and the concerned privacy policy from time to time. But, do not worry, as our customers are requested to check through the policies concerned and remain aware of every change in the privacy policy.

Legal cases

If any of the transactions get involved in the legal dispute, we are under obligation to present the concerned court in the form of a subpoena (a legal demand to present information or to appear before the court of law). But do not worry as we will connect with the concerned customer first, inform them regarding the legal liability and then present the information to the parties in demand.

We assure you not to worry as this declaration is just to make aware of the unforeseen scenarios which are not likely to occur.

Appearance@ other sites

We are not liable for any information you see on some other site and connect around. Any transaction conducted and order placed by our website shall only be under consideration for us being responsible as regards the concerned transaction.

Termination of services or mergers and acquisitions

In case of merger or acquisition by some other company, we are entitled to share the Parent company the data as regards our customers. They will be able to use such information to contact or for further transactions conducted by you.

In case we cease our operations, the information is generally transferred to another company which takes over our business, for furtherment.