Sales and Marketing

“In my opinion, these are the important factors, keys of any success/achievement, planning, discussion with all functionaries, Team spirit, Communication between higher authorities as well as all co-employees, monthly review of target & others.

I am very pleased to acknowledge my experience of achieving the target for the last 5-6 years. It is my starting career as a sales manager. I owned the above factors, keys to success. I worked as a team caption and made mutual co-operation between top to bottom all working hand of the company. I also arrange regular internal meetings of the employees & accelerate them.

In this way, I got full co-operation of company administration, distributors, & working sales team.

I am very thankful to an honorable company director for his guidance, direction & co-operations in achieving the annual goals.

Thanking all of you.”

Abhishek Kumar, National Sales Manager